About us

Transfac Capital has financed business growth since 1942

Going strong for over 70 years, Transfac via its predecessors can trace its roots in accounts receivable funding, business credit risk assessment, and accounts receivables management to 1942.

The first predecessor was Pacific Northwest Transportation cooperative that took over the daunting function of financing, billing and collecting thousands of invoices each week. Today while transportation still constitutes a portion of our business, we also have clients across America from a variety of industries including manufacturing, energy services, distribution, wholesale, staffing and others.

Transfac specializes in Accounts Receivable Financing and Management for small to medium sized businesses. Our three pronged message consists of:

Experience – “Financing Business since 1942”. Transfac is a credible and successful company to work with.

Reliability – “Rely On Us”. We have several clients that have been with us more than a decade, which is rare for factoring companies. This message is targeted to professional referral sources that are most concerned about their reputation when trusting us with a referral. It is also conveyed through testimonials of customers we have had for several years and the experience of our staff.

Responsiveness – This message is targeted to end users as well as referral sources that are concerned about speed of transactions such as brokers. When we explain the sales process and expectations, the prospect is told that in most cases, we can provide a proposal (LOI) within a day of receiving application and the AR aging/customer list. We can fund within 5 business days, provided the process goes smoothly.

We help start-ups to seasoned businesses gain and maintain a healthy financial position. We consider ourselves a long term business partner and a great deal of thought goes in to developing programs to fit the unique need of our individual clients. Perhaps that is why we can boast about so many steady client relationships that have lasted years.